Welcome to the Blog

Hello Tau Bates,

Here at Tau Beta Pi Headquarters (HQ) we are always looking for ways to improve our communications with our members.

This blog will serve as a liaison, in an effort to improve the lines of communication with our members across the world.

Look for updates directly from HQ, links to new pages on the Association’s web site (www.tbp.org), and leave comments that can be quickly relayed to HQ staff.

This is an exciting time for Tau Beta Pi as we expand our mission and continue to recognize outstanding members. Please offer feedback and spread the word.

All the best,
Dylan Lane
Tau Beta Pi Communications Specialist

2 thoughts on “Welcome

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  1. Dylan, good move. Keep up the effort.

    One comment on mechanics. The text box for composing a blog is much smaller than the box that displays the blog. Also when attempting to paste from a word processor, the line wrapping breaks up the displayed paragraph. See Craig Johnson’s piece under Discussions. Is there something a contributor can do to assure a clean paragraph structure?


  2. Len,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    I’ve found the best way to keep paragraph structure is to paste under the “HTML” tab and not the “Visual” tab.

    I have not had any problems recently when cutting/pasting from a word processor. I hope this helps.

    Dylan Lane

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