Members’ Engineer-Related Blogs

The following is a list of ‘partnership’ blogs of Tau Beta Pi members that have been deemed helpful and insightful for our members:

Grandma Got STEM
Moderated by Rachel Levy, Ph.D., of Harvey Mudd College
Regular contributions from Jill S. Tietjen, P.E. (VA A ’76)
This blog collects stories of women with connections to STEM and shares them.

C++ Trivia
Glen Ritschel, NJ Beta ’83
This blog is dedicated to C++ Trivia.

Defusing the Nuclear Threat
Dr. Martin E. Hellman, NY Epsilon ’66
Dr. Hellman is Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. His blog aims to educate “society on the risk posed by nuclear weapons.”

Dr. Stuart G. Walesh, IN Delta ’63
Dr. Walesh has more than forty years of experience in the civil engineering profession and is a nationally recognized author.

Increase Your Life Exponential
Solange Dao, FL Alpha ’95, Tau Beta Pi Vice President
Ms. Solange Dao, FL A ’95, President of DAO Consultants, Inc., also has an engaging public speaking career highlighted by her mentoring young professionals nationwide.

IIE Young Professionals
Vanda Ametlli, MI E 2010, blogs for the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) once a month with career tips for young professionals

Leading Media
Sherri Foster, WI A ’83, a leader of technology teams in new media markets. She has worked for IBM Research, Sony Electronics, and Microsoft.

Nerdy Science
Jessica Asay, OR G 2005, posts “Everyday science for families with young children.”

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