Here at Tau Beta Pi Headquarters we are trying to facilitate a stronger network of Tau Bates.

We would like to challenge you, whether you are part of a collegiate chapter, alumnus chapter, or just an active member, to submit your ideas, stories, relevant photos, and anything that you can share as a proud Tau Beta Pi member.

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  1. I am ‘just a member’ of Tau Beta Pi (’83 WY), and am definitely ‘challenged’. I ran across an issue that I thought might be of interest to my TBP peers, but I see no obvious ‘outlet’. I thought perhaps this may be the closest I’d get. In my traditional approach I’d write a ‘letter to the editor’ (to the Bent?). Now there’s this plethora of blogs and forums with no obvious entry, and I seek advice. My issue (letter?) follows:

    “Have you noticed that when setting up an on-line account, there is no ‘Suffix’ designation for Professional Engineers (P.E.)? In a recent attempt, I was unable to enter my data as “Dr. Craig Johnson, P.E.”

    This appears to be an artifact of software programmers, and is quite pervasive. In many cases family suffixes are offered (e.g. Jr., III), and even other professional designations (e.g. M.D., R.N.).

    It would seem appropriate that TBP, ASEE, or some other pro-engineering society, attempt to ‘educate’ our people and ameliorate this issue. Would anyone have any input or advice on how to affect a change?

    Sincerely, Craig Johnson”

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