The Engineer Comic in AL, Western Michigan Engineering Design Position, & University of Maryland

The Engineer Comic Don McMillan, PA A '81, is performing six shows at Stand Up Live in Huntsville, AL, from December 12-15. Tickets and more info are available here. Don recently performed at Tau Beta Pi's Convention in Denver, CO, and has also performed at the 2016 and 2014 Conventions. Celebrate the holidays with laughs!... Continue Reading →


2018 Convention Press Release, MS Alpha Initiation, & Idaho State Univ. Faculty Openings (Nov. 2018)

The press release for Tau Beta Pi's 2018 Convention has been published. Click here to read it. The minutes and ratification ballot from Convention will be posted soon. Τ Mississippi State University College of Engineering published a list of the 40 new members of the MS Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. The initiation took... Continue Reading →

UNO Engineering Futures, UT Dean Opening, & LA Tech Student Profile (Nov. 2018)

Christie Hasbrouck, IN E '16, posted images from her trip to the University of New Orleans. She is an Engineering Futures (EF) facilitator in training, 2014 TBP Scholar, and 2016 TBP Fellow. She captioned the image with "Got myself signed off on Team Chartering at LA-E. Thanks Wendy and Patrick!" In the image above (left... Continue Reading →

Halligan Profile, Engineer Joins Peace Corps, & ChE in Qatar (November 2018)

Oklahoma State University (OSU) profiled James E. Halligan, Ph.D., P.E. (IA A '62), as a 2018 Tau Beta Pi Distinguished Alumnus. He was recognized at the 2018 TBP Convention (image below). Dr. Halligan is former OSU president, Oklahoma State Senator, and dean of engineering at three universities. "I believe [Halligan] is worthy of this recognition... Continue Reading →

CA Northridge New Members, Jobs, Cross-Country Scholar-Athlete (November 2018)

Yin Fung Khong, CA K 2017, posted an image to Instagram of new initiates to the CA Kappa Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. Khong is the CA K Chapter president at California State University, Northridge, and under his leadership the chapter has initiated approximately 100 new members. Khong detailed some of his chapter's efforts including... Continue Reading →

University of North Dakota Bent Monument, Northeastern University Faculty Openings, & UML Alumni Panel (Oct. 2018)

The College of Engineering & Mines at the University of North Dakota posted images from the recent dedication ceremony of a new Bent monument on the campus. One of the images is below. Visit the UNDCEM Twitter page to see all the images. Τ The Chronicle of Higher Education posted jobs available at Northeastern University's... Continue Reading →

NASA Chief Flight Director, ME Dual Gift, & Jobs in Academia (Sept. 2018)

NASA has named Holly E. Ridings, TX D '97, its new chief flight director. She will manage the group of 32 active flight directors and flight directors-in-training who oversee a variety of human spaceflight missions. According to the announcement, Ridings is the first woman to lead the elite group that directs human spaceflight missions from... Continue Reading →

Ohio Northern University Chapter, Cyber Systems Opening, & Marconi Young Scholars (Sept. 2018)

The Ohio Iota Chapter, at Ohio Northern University, recently held a meeting and invited its soon to be members to join them. The fall initiation is scheduled for early November. Visit the chapter's Facebook page for more images from the event, like the one below. Τ The University of Nebraska at Kearney has a newly... Continue Reading →

Professional Engineer Profile, UAH Chapter Fundraiser, & Industrial Engineer Opening (Sept. 2018)

The Mann Report, a monthly business-to-business magazine, recently profiled Lawrence S. Nagielski, P.E. (IN E '81), Meyer Consulting Engineers Corporation president and managing partner. Nagielski joined Meyer in 1985 as a junior staff structural engineer and has rose through the ranks. He earned his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Tri-State (Trine) University. Click here... Continue Reading →

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