Innovation & Innovators, May 2014

The growing application and scientific research related to origami was the topic of a recent article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, including the Foldscope, “a simple, 50-cent microscope that can be printed on thick paper and shipped where it can be quickly and reliably folded into a tool capable of 2,000-times magnification.” The Foldscope was created by an engineering professor from Stanford University and his team, which includes Jim S. Cybulski (PA A ’02).

This invention is just one of the applications being devised using the principles of origami. The research movement of origami is struggling to take hold in the United States, however programs of funding have been developed like Odissei. Click here to read the article and read about efforts to make origami more publicly acceptable as an area of science deserving of funding


The Washington Post profiled Timothy D. Sands, Ph.D. (CA A ’80), the incoming president of Virginia Tech beginning June 1. Dr. Sands has been an engineering professor at UC Berkeley and Purdue University, holds 17 patents, co-invented a laser process for making white-light-emitting diodes, and most recently served as provost at Purdue. Read the article for more information


Earlier this month, the University of Colorado at Denver (CU Denver) hosted the annual Engineering Senior Design Competition showcasing 28 projects. Students from the CU Denver College of Engineering and Applied Science spend a year working on their projects, a panel of industry judges inspect each project, and then awards are given for best overall project and a top project is selected from each engineering discipline.

The article highlights several of this year’s projects and then provides summary information on the winning projects.



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