Engineering Education & Design, May 2014

A recent article from The Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA), highlighted the senior-project presentations taking place in the area at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. One group of seniors from Penn devised a “chain lock that would be permanently attached to a bike rack; riders could open and close the lock with a card that uses radio-frequency I.D. technology.” The team members that developed PubLock are Joeseph M. Hill, PA D 2014, Alex Neier, Joeseph J. Polin, PA D 2014, and Justin A. Starr, PA D 2014.


Read the summary of Tau Beta Pi’s participation at the 2014 USA Science & Engineering Festival. You can also see a short video with images and highlights from the balloon-powered vehicle hands-on activity presented as an example of the TBP MindSET program.


Maria M. Klawe, Ph.D. (CA W ’73), recently spoke with US News about “how she quadrupled the number of female computer science majors” at Harvey Mudd College where she is president. Read the article, which is in Q&A format with STEM advocate and LinkedIn head of products and user experience, Deep Nishar, asking the questions. Dr. Klawe described the four key changes to learning computer science that made the difference, “make it fun, make relevant, make it not scary and make it clear that lots of kinds of people have careers involving CS.”


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