Events & News On Campus, May 2014

The Gonzaga Bulletin reported on a bone marrow registration drive organized by the Washington Delta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi last week. During the drive 80 students from Gonzaga University registered to become bone marrow donors. Current WA D president, Adam C. Obenberger (WA D 2014), spoke about the motivation for the drive, which constituted the club’s required service project for the year.

“It’s something that really hasn’t been done, and it’s cool to see people get involved with something like the blood drive, people really come out for that,” Obenberger said. “I was hoping to do something that was meaningful.” The goal is for this to be an annual event partnering with Be The Match and the National Marrow Donor Program. Read the article to learn more


Michelle E. Harr, OH M 2015, posted a collage of images from last week’s Tau Beta Pi initiation at Wright State University. Harr is the vice president of the Ohio Mu Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Wright State. See the images below:



Tau Beta Pi’s UCLA Chapter will host its 4th Annual Cardboard Boat Race on May 17. The California Epsilon Chapter hosts this fun event in which competing teams build “seafaring vessels” made only of cardboard and duct tape and race across the SAC pool on campus. There are prizes for the top three finishers. Visit the Facebook page for all the details and register here



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