Making News, April 2014

The Bainbridge Island Review (WA) is reporting that NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Paulo J. Younse, FL A ’05, will be visiting Bainbridge Island schools for three days (April 16-18) “to inspire students and share with them his experiences in such an exciting and innovative field.” Younse is a member of the technical robotic hardware systems group and “designs new types of robots for future NASA mission that will explore the solar system.” Read the article for more details about his appearances and his background, including teaching space exploration in Tanzania and starring in the SyFy television show “Robot Combat League” in 2013.


There will be 26 Tau Beta Pi Fellows for the 2014-15 class all of whom will receive a $10,000 stipend for a year of advanced study. This is the 81st group of TBP Fellows. There was a total of 286 applicants this year. The list of Fellows and the fellowship press release will be available soon on the Tau Beta Pi website.


The Lancaster County (NE) Engineer’s Office road design engineer Douglas A. Pillard, P.E. (NE A ’77), is running for Lancaster County Engineer in the May 13 primary election. According to Pillard’s website, he has been a professional engineer for the past 32 years, the road design engineer for the past 26 years, and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in civil engineering.



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