In Support of Education, March 2014

The Pitt News, the daily student newspaper of the University of Pittsburgh, profiled a recent event with the Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians for Service (SEMFS) student group. The group hosted 35 local K-12 students for a day of hands-on activities. The president of SEMFS is Amy M. Howell, PA L 2016, who talked about the goal of the program. “Our role as college students is to show them (K-12 students) that they aren’t so far behind us, and they can be us some day.”

SEMFS vice president is Zach A. Barnes, PA L 2016, who also built a Tesla coil to demonstrate for students. According to the article, there were other Tau Beta Pi Pennsylvania Lambda Chapter volunteers on-hand as well.


Michigan State University (MSU) and the University of Toledo (UT) both recently announced gifts in support of their respective engineering programs. MSU received a give from Dave and Denise Lamp “to support scholarships and research in its department of chemical engineering and materials science.” Dave Lamp was recently appointed as CEO and president of Northern Tier Energy. Read the news article for more details

According to The Toledo Times, alumnus Roy Armes and his wife, Marcia, made a recent gift to UT “to support a leadership program for engineering students.” Roy Armes is the president, chairman, and chief executive officer of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.


Sergey P. Belous, SC A 2014, is the current president of the Tau Beta Pi South Carolina Alpha Chapter at Clemson University. Last week, he volunteered at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) for a series of civil and electrical engineering challenges presented to K-12 students from across the state of South Carolina. For more information and pictures from the event, visit the GSSM Facebook page



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