Goldwater Scholars 2014

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation recently announced the 2014-15 Goldwater Scholars. This year 283 scholarships were awarded to undergraduate sophomores and juniors based on academic merit in mathematics, science, and engineering. A total of 1,166 students were nominated by college and university faculty in the Unites States. Read the press release here and see the full list of 2014 Goldwater Scholars.

Congratulations to the 34 Tau Beta Pi members that were awarded Goldwater scholarships. They are:

1. Hailey M. Dunsworth, AR A 2015, chemical engineering
2. Brennan M. Coffey, CO B 2015, chemical engineering
3. Keith Gagnon, MA A 2015, biomedical engineering
4. Sophie E. Miller, CA G 2015, chemical engineering
5. Ophelia L. Johnson, AL G 2016, biomedical engineering
6. Mohamad T. Najia, GA A 2015, biomedical engineering
7. Eric J. Hsu, MO G 2015, biomedical engineering
8. Rachel L. Philiph, IA A 2015, materials science engineering
9. Mitchell A. Trafford, OK B 2015, chemical engineering
10. Katherine E. Kent, MT A 2015, chemical engineering
11. Aaron Z. Priluck, MI G 2015, chemical engineering (2013 TBP Scholar)
12. Dylan Hutchinson, NJ A 2015, computer engineering
13. Devin M. Stranford, OK B 2015, chemical engineering
14. Melissa N. Wirtz, CO D 2015, electrical engineering
15. Brian C. Goodell, AL B 2015, chemical engineering
16. Andrew S. Rosen, MA D 2015, chemical engineering
17. Ruisheng Wang, NY Q 2015, mechanical engineering
18. David G. Mackanic, VA B 2015, mechanical engineering
19. James D. Turner, NC A 2015, mechanical engineering
20. Douglas C. Crowder, OH K 2015, biomedical engineering
21. Katrin E. Daehn, OH G 2015, materials science & engineering
22. Joseph A. Gauthier, OH G 2015, chemical engineering
23. Gregory P. Howard, OH K 2015, biomedical engineering
24. Haefa Mansour, IN A 2015, chemical engineering (TBP chapter vice president)
25. Edward L. Pang, IL G 2015, materials science & engineering
26. Emily J. Crabb, PA L 2016, computer engineering
27. Marianne Sleiman, MA Z 2015, chemical engineering
28. Morgan B. Elliott, MO E 2015, biomedical engineering
29. Emma K. Hollmann, TN A 2015, chemical engineering
30. Mary K. Showers, SC A 2015, bioengineering
31. Brian L. Zanger, UT A 2015, bioengineering
32. Nicolas M. Andrade, VA E 2016, electrical engineering
33. Tushar Swamy, MA E 2015, electrical engineering
34. Kevin C. Zhou, CT A 2015, biomedical engineering



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