Awards & Recognition, March 2014

In February during the 35th Annual Federal Engineer of the Year (FEYA) Banquet, the National Society of Professional Engineers (2014) honored “engineers employed by a federal agency that employs at least 50 engineers worldwide.” CDR Edward L. Zechmann, P.E. (NE A ’00), and Michael F. Zoccola, P.E. (TN B ’76), were among the top ten finalists for the 2014 Federal Engineer of the Year award. For the list of finalists, the winner, and 2014 FEYA Agency Winners click here


The Redstone Rocket recently profiled Michelle M. Crull, Ph.D., P.E. (MS B ’82), as part of Women’s History Month. Dr. Crull is a senior structural engineer with the US Army Corps of Engineers and is known as “the blast expert.” Read the article for biographical information on Crull and examples of her greatest achievements and contributions.

“To me it’s important to feel like I’m actually contributing something, and we are doing everything we can to keep people safe,” Dr. Crull said of her work. “It’s not unusual to get a call or an email from overseas like Afghanistan, and hear, ‘Help, we’ve had this situation come up, what can we do? We’ve got this much space, we need to make it as safe as we can for our Soldiers, what do we do?'”


Rory P. Causseaux, P.E. (FL A ’84), recently received the Ethics in Business Award from the Rotary Club of Gainesville (FL). Causseaux is a civil engineer and CEO of Causseaux, Hewett and Walpole, which “handles 800 to 1,000 project a year helping property owners through the regulatory process.” For more details, read the article from the The Gainesville Sun



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