Engineers in the News, February 2014

The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States has announced the 2014-15 class of Churchill Scholars. This year 14 students were chosen that “wish to pursue studies in engineering, mathematics or the sciences.” Two of the Scholars are Tau Beta Pi members. They are: (Click here for the complete list.)

Alisha A. Kasam – (GA A 2013) recent graduate from Georgia Tech in mechanical engineering, TBP Scholar, and currently conducting research at the Technical University of Munich in Germany on a Fulbright Grant.

Katherine L. Pogrebniak – (NJ D 2014) majoring in computer science at Princeton University, vice president of NJ Delta Chapter of TBP, and plans to obtain a Master of Philosophy degree in computational biology at the University of Cambridge.


The University of California, Davis School of Engineering is offering two new engineering courses this semester “that use the roasting, precessing and brewing of coffee to teach the principles of chemical engineering.” Tonya Kuhl, Ph.D. (AZ A ’89), is co-organizing the course and had this to say.

“A lot of people don’t really know what engineers do. But brewing coffee is tangible to everyone,” Dr. Kuhl said. “From green bean to cup, the process of making coffee is all engineering.” Read the article for more information on the course activities, including the tasting competition.


Alex D. Meade, OH A ’82, is a senior technical staff member at Lexmark and he “has developed a national reputation for his side business as a craftsman of custom-fitted, handmade bicycle frames.” Meade was recently profiled by the Lexington Herald-Leader for his hand-building process.

He started building bicycle frames 15 years ago, grew up on a bicycle, and even competed in the sport of radonneuring. In 2007, he finished fourth among U.S. riders in the sport’s most famous event, Paris-Brest-Paris in France and became one of only 39 Americans to earn membership in the Société de Charly Miller. “It seemed like an obvious thing to do for a mechanical engineer interested in cycling,” said Meade.



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