Collegiate Chapter Events & Opportunities, February 2014

Engineers from Boeing are scheduled to meet with students and provide an opportunity to learn from their experiences at the Arizona State University (ASU) on Wednesday, February 12. The event is co-sponsored by the ASU chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Arizona Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. For more details on this event, click here


The MIT Tau Beta Pi Career Fair is taking place Monday, February 3, at Rockwell Cage. This annual event hosts more than 50 companies and is attended by nearly 800 undergraduate and graduate students. The goal of the Fair “is to provide students of all majors the opportunity to meet and network with a broad spectrum of companies from a variety of disciplines.”

This year the managing director of the Fair is Emily Yang, MA B 2014. Visit the website for a list of companies, sponsors, and Massachusetts Beta Chapter organizers.


The Observer, the student-run newspaper of the University of Notre Dame, recently published an article highlighting the opportunities that exist on the University campus in the form of honor societies, Greek organizations, and other student clubs. Jane E. McGuinness, IN G 2014, is the president of the Indiana Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi.

She was interviewed for the story and spoke about the chapter’s academic and service mission on campus. “The main way we give back to the school is our tutoring programs,” McGuinness said. “We have nightly sessions for upper level engineering classes in all of the different engineering fields.” Read the article for more information



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