Announcements & Events, January 2014

With the start of the 2014 academic semester, the Michigan Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi will be hosting a book swap to help facilitate the exchange of textbooks within the University of Michigan (UM) College of Engineering. Learn more about the book swap which begins on January 23.

In addition to the book swap and several other upcoming events, the chapter recently launched a new website with information on the collegiate chapter at UM. Check out the website here, to see information on the chapter’s leadership, events calendar, outreach activities, publications, and much more.


Tau Beta Pi would like to announce the following upcoming alumni events: (Visit the TBP alumni web page for more information.)

Tucson, AZ – Thursday, January 23
Phoenix, AZ – Friday, January 24
Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Saturday, January 25
Juno Beach, FL – Sunday, January 26
Coral Gables, FL – Sunday, January 26
Mobile, AL – Monday, February 3
New Orleans, LA – Thursday, February 6
Association Pi Day – Friday, March 14


The California Epsilon Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at UCLA is hosting the 3rd Annual Charity Poker Tournament on Friday, February 7. All proceeds from this event go to support the chapter’s Engineering Minds Cultivating Creativity (EMCC) at Nora Sterry Elementary School, a program where TBP members teach 4th and 5th graders about science and do projects with them once per week. For more information on prizes, location, and to register click here



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