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The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has announced the education recipients of the 2014 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for innovation in engineering and technology. The four recipients are all part of the Dartmouth Engineering Entrepreneurship Program (DEEP). Three of the four prize winners are Tau Bates cited “for creating an integrated program in engineering innovation from undergraduate through doctorate to prepare students for engineering leadership.”

Robert J. Graves, Ph.D. (NY B ’67), professor emeritus at Dartmouth; Joseph J. Helble, Ph.D. (PA A ’82), dean, college of engineering at Dartmouth; and Charles E. Hutchinson, Ph.D. (MA Z ’57), dean emeritus at Dartmouth. Read the award announcement from NAE for more information and click here for a list of other Tau Beta Pi members that have received the Gordon Prize.


Tau Beta Pi the Association is encouraging all of its members to participate in Pi Day 2014. At the least, we ask that members proudly display and wear their Bent, charm, or other Tau Beta Pi apparel. If you can, we’d like for you to participate in activities that give back to the community and present engineering in a positive light. If you are part of a TBP alumni chapter or collegiate chapter, please contact Tau Beta Pi about your Pi Day plans, so that we can share a master list on our website.

If you would like new Tau Beta Pi apparel for Pi Day, you are in luck! The Pi Day design contest recently concluded and the Association is taking pre-orders now. Reserve your Tau Beta Pi Day t-shirts, hoodies, and knit shirts.


The Johnk family was recently profiled by the University of Colorado at Denver for having a family member “teaching or learning at CU Denver for the past 50 years.” Kevin Johnk, CO E 2013, graduated in May 2013 with a degree in civil engineering from CU Denver. His father Robert T. Johnk, Ph.D. (CO B ’77), is an electronics engineer at the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences and has an engineering degree from CU Denver. Finally, Carl Johnk, Ph.D. (MO B ’42), recently retired from teaching at CU Denver last year at the age of 93.

Read the full article for more biographical information on each Johnk, all three of whom are Tau Beta Pi members.



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