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This week, the launch of “a device similar to an external hard drive that is ‘an infinite camera roll’ to hold all your photos and videos, and make them accessible over all your other devices” was announced. The LyveHome device was previously part of the Black Pearl Systems and was founded by Tim Bucher, CA L ’86, who has worked for Apple as a hardware engineer.

The article from The Verge reports that LyveHome and accompanying app will be available for purchase this spring. Learn more about Lyve and Bucher here, whose wife Mary, CA Z ’87, is also a Tau Beta Pi member.


Tracy Chou, CA G ’09, was recently profiled by Forbes as one of the 2014 “30 Under 30: Technology’s Youngest, Smartest Innovators.” Chou, 26, is currently a software engineer at Pinterest. She interned at both Google and Facebook before turning down the latter to become the second engineer hired at Quora. Now she is “a rising-star software engineer working on a mix of product, platform, and infrastructure at Pinterest.”


In 2012, Parker Hannifin Corp. reached a licensing agreement with Vanderbilt University “for the school’s exoskeleton technology, which allows individuals with severe spinal cord injury to walk and enhances rehabilitation for people who have suffered a stroke.” The goal was to develop the technology and launch a commercial exoskeleton device in 2014.

Ryan J. Farris, Ph.D. (KY G ’07), is co-inventor of the exoskeleton device and is now a principal engineer at Parker Hannifin. He was also recently selected by Forbes for the Technology leaders under 30 years of age. See all of the Forbes30 Under 30: Technology’s Youngest, Smartest Innovators.”



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