Leaders in Engineering, December 2013

Timothy D. Sands, Ph.D. (CA A ’80), has been appointed as the next president of Virginia Tech. Dr. Sands will assume his new position beginning on June 1, 2014, when he will become Tech’s 16th president. Currently, he is executive vice president for academic affairs and provost, served as acting president during the fall semester of 2012, and is a professor of engineering all at Purdue University. Read the news release for more information


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) announced that 293 IEEE Senior members will be elevated to Fellow grade effective January 1, 2014. Several are Tau Beta Pi members, here are a few: (See the full list here)

1. Carl L. Benner – (TX D ’86) Sr. research engineer at Texas A&M University
2. Vivek K. Goyal, Ph.D. – (IA B ’93) professor engineering at MIT
3. Matthew W. Ohland, Ph. D. – (FL A ’96) professor of engineering at Purdue University
4. William J. McFarland – (CA G ’82) Chief Technology Officer at Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.
5. Cheryl B. Schrader, Ph.D. – (IN D ’84) Chancellor at the Missouri University of Science & Technology


Four university presidents were recently recognized “for promoting enrollment accessibility at their institutions and improving town-gown relations through community service, teaching, and medicine.” The Academic Leadership Award is given by the Carnegie Corporation and awards funds for the president to use.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported this year’s winners, including John L. Hennessy, Ph.D. (PA Q ’73), president of Stanford University. Click here for the article and more on this academic leaders



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