In the News, November 2013

Bio Prep Watch recently profiled the development of “the first remote acoustic detection systems to identify homemade bombs.” The system was showcased last month at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Dynamic Systems and Control Conference. The research initiative is being funded by an Office of Naval Research grant. Researchers include Douglas Adams, Ph.D. (OH B ’94) and Christopher C. Watson, IN A 2010.

“Existing methods require you to get quite close to the suspicious object,” Vanderbilt distinguished professor of engineering Adams said. “The idea behind our project is to develop a system that will work from a distance to provide an additional degree of safety.” For more information, click here


In October, Roger A. Schmitz, Ph.D., passed away at the age of 78. Dr. Schmitz, IL A ’59, was a professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame where he served as dean of the College of Engineering from 1981 to 1987. He was “internationally known for his research on instabilities in chemically reacting systems” and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering (1984). Read more biographical information here and his obituary here


The President and Chief Executive Officer of New World Systems, a software company, has made a gift to the University of Michigan College of Engineering “to establish scholarships that will support motivated undergraduate students from Michigan enrolled in the study of computer science.” The business leader, Larry D. Leinweber, is interested in building and retaining home grown students. Read the news release



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