Achievement & Innovation On Campus, November 2013

CBS Detroit is reporting that four teams of University of Michigan graduate students will receive Dow Distinguished Awards for Interdisciplinary Sustainability with funding totaling more than $135,000. Twelve teams entered the competition and winners were selected by sustainability experts, including UM faculty. One of the winning proposals, “Retrofitting Ann Arbor: The living building challenge,” included Tau Bates Devki D. Desai, MI G ’12, Sarang D. Supekar, FL A ’09, and the team’s faculty advisor Steven J. Skerlos, Ph.D. (IL A ’94). Read the article for more details


Researchers at Ohio State University “are learning how butterfly wings could improve the design and manufacture of several commercial products through a science called biomimcry.” Eminent Scholar and professor Bharat Bhushan, Ph.D. (CO B ’74), from OSU is leading a team that has made a texture similar to the wings of the Blue Morpho butterfly from South America. According to the article, the lab-made texture can reduce drag by up to 15 percent.


In conjunction with Penton’s Aviationa Week and in partnership with Raytheon, seven University of Colorado at Boulder aerospace engineering students will be recognized with a new national award recognizing tomorrow’s engineering leaders. The “Twenty20s awards honor the academic achievements and leadership of top engineering, math, science, and technology students.” Two of those receiving the honor are Tau Bates: Brad W. Cheetham, NY N ’09 and Dan P. Lubey, PA B 2011.

Click here to read the article and to learn more about what motivates these young individuals to be leaders in engineering inside and outside of the classroom. “For most of us this is more than a career, it’s a passion,” said Cheetham, who three years ago launched the “We Want Our Future” educational initiative to inspire American youth and strengthen their interest in math and science.



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