Technology: Breakthrough & Entertainment

Mark B. Rober, UT B ’04, started Digital Dudz in 2012 after creating a Halloween costume using two iPads and uploading a video on how the costume was created. This past summer his company was sold to British costume maker Morphsuits and Rober joined the company as chief creative officer. Previously, he was an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on the Curiosity rover.

The industry of wearable technology is quickly growing and Rober has signed a deal with Walt Disney “to create augmented outfits modeled on Marvel Comics superheroes.” Read the article from the San Antonio Express-News


Ohio State University recently highlighted a breakthrough in speech understanding for the hearing-impaired by OSU’s Eric Healy, professor of speech and hearing science, and DeLian Wang, professor of computer science and engineering. Together they “have provided the first demonstration of a processing algorithm capable of improving speech understanding in noise for hearing-impaired listeners.” Read the news announcement for more information or read the October issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


As a NASA astronaut that has done three space walks, Garrett E. Resiman, Ph.D. (PA D ’91), is the right person to write a movie review on the recently released “Gravity.” Last week, Reisman did just that for Forbes saying that “the pace and story was definitely engaging and I think it was the best use of the 3-D IMAX medium to date… to depict a real environment that is completely alien to most people.”

In the article, he then points out a few “major violations of the laws of physics and minor violations of typical astronaut behavior in the movie.”



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