Development & Innovation, August 2013

Benjamin B. Macy, IN D 2013, was recently named one of five 2013 Tau Beta Pi Laureates. This week Valparaiso University profiled his accomplishments and the Valpo College of Engineering’s success at producing TBP Laureates. In the past four years Valpo has had three TBP Laureates, which is quite an impressive feat.

Macy’s experiences and dedication to service led to his Laureate selection. As an undergraduate he was the TBP Indiana Delta chapter president, performed nearly 330 hours of community service, and had an internship at Gentex. “At the core of my ideology is the desire to use my gifts to make a better world and a better life for others,” Macy said. Click here to read the news article


The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program has awarded funding to the Planetary Science Institute (PSI) “to develop a groundbreaking way to study the deep interiors of asteroids and comets using high-energy muons and other galactic cosmic rays.” Thomas H. Prettyman, NC A ’90, is a senior scientist at PSI and will lead the study.

“Our objective is to develop new types of spacecraft instrumentation and methods to map the deep interior of asteroids and comets with unprecedented detail – particularly those in near-Earth orbits,” Prettyman said. Read the article from the Space Media Network.


Engineers from the University of California, San Diego, have created a robot “which is small and agile enough to inspect power lines without involving additional costs.” The robot, SkySweeper, is 3D-printed, V-shaped, and could cost less than $1,000 to manufacture on a large scale. Read more here



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