In the News, August 2013

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on a summer program at San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) where three engineering professors took part in a “professional internship.” Two of the professors are Tau Bates. Charles J. Kim, Ph.D. (DC A ’80), worked at SDG&E on the utility’s distribution systems “in hopes of identifying early signs of failures. Taufik, Ph.D. (AZ G ’93), studied “how renewable energy production such as solar power systems could impact power distribution in the future.”

Dr. Kim is a professor at Howard University and Dr. Taufik is a professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. According to the article, the students will benefit from the exposure their professor have received because they can give them information on real-world application. SDG&E benefits because the students can come to the utility provider better prepared.


It has been almost 25 years since the invention of the Super Soaker water gun. The New York Times recently recounted the story of how NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson created one of the top-selling toys of the early 90s. After completing work on NASA’s Galileo mission to Jupiter, Johnson engineered a toy that could spray water further than previous water pistols. He has since moved on to working on energy conservation, but there others out there that are still researching and designing water guns.

Ben M. Trettel (MD B 2011) answers some questions about why he is interested in water guns and discusses his current research. Trettel is working toward a Ph.D. in fluid dynamics at the University of Texas. Click here to read the article


Teach For America recently hired a Director of National Alliances whose focus is on STEM & LGBTQ partnerships. The new Director is none other than Tau Bate Joseph P. Wilson, Ph.D., (FL A 2007). Wilson recently completed his Ph.D. studies in Bioengineering at the University of California, San Francisco. He is also a former Teach For America Corps member, where he spent two years as a high school math and science teacher in Georgia and Arizona.

Tau Beta Pi is excited about continuing to strengthen the Associations’ partnership with TFA. Please check out the TBP/TFA web page for information on Teach For America’s first application deadline on August 16.



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