Special Projects & Engineering Development

At the recent American Water Works Association annual conference and exposition, Delvin E. DeBoer, Ph.D., P.E. (SD B ’78), received the 2013 Abel Wolman Award for Excellence. Currently, Dr. DeBoer works as a special projects engineer at Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. (AE2S). He is also an Emeritus Professor at South Dakota State University where he taught for 31 years as an environmental engineering professor. Click here for the full article

In receiving the award, De. DeBoer was cited as “one of the best and most respected engineers in our field. He has helped countless municipalities, regional water systems, and industries solve their water challenges. In addition, he has helped shape the careers of hundreds of water professionals.”


The Washington Post recently reported on Google’s newest project “to provide free Internet access” with giant helium balloons equipped to beam WiFi signals. The company is expected to announce that there are 30 of the balloons currently floating over New Zealand providing Internet access to “disaster-stricken, rural or poor areas.”

These efforts are part of Project Loon. Michael P. Cassidy, MA B ’85, is the director of Project Loon, and said “the aim is to provide much cheaper Internet connections around the world. In many African nations, for example, monthly Internet costs are higher than monthly salaries.” Read the article


There are several new lightweight devices being developed for athletes to better monitor blows to players’ heads. A new “washable beanie created jointly by MC10 and Reebok should be available later this month.” The product is called CheckLight and “can be worn under a helmet for football or hockey, or by itself for soccer and other helmet-free sports.” Read about other similar products coming to the market soon from The New York Times.

Head of the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, Stefan Duma, Ph.D. (TN A ’94), is happy to see the new generation of sensors, particularly if they can be worn by women and by young players, but he also has reservations about the devices, which he said could introduce a range of tricky problems.



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