In the News, Part II, May 2013

The Houston Business Journal reported on recent survey results from Monster Worldwide Inc. In the survey, the top markets “with the highest demand for engineers” were Houston, TX (1); San Jose, CA (2); San Diego, CA (3); Chicago, IL (4); and Auburn Hills, MI (5). According to the article, the current top five engineering occupations are industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and electronics engineering.


Dr. Michael J. Economides, KS A ’74, wrote a post for The Hill’s Congress Blog on the topic of the President’s legacy on energy. Dr. Economides is a chemical and petroleum engineer, an expert on energy geopolitics, and currently a professor of engineering at the University of Houston. Click here to read more about the opportunity in the U.S. for “leveraging natural resources and manufacturing technology to create new jobs and establish a hegemon in the world energy market.”


At last week’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, an 18-year-old from Saratoga, CA, received a $50,000 prize for her “energy storage device that can last for 10,000 charge cycles and could fit inside cell phone batteries.” Read the article from the Business Insider



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