Awards, Conferences, & Projects, April 2013

The Cornell University School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has announced that T. Michael Duncan, Ph.D. (MI G ’75), has been selected as the 2013 Tau Beta Pi Professor of the Year. With this year’s selection Dr. Duncan is the first three-time winner of this prestigious award.

Since its inception in 1965, the Tau Beta Pi award has been given each year to a single engineering faculty member at Cornell University, nominated by their students and voted by members of the Tau Beta Pi New York Delta Chapter to be one of the college’s outstanding teachers. Click here for more information


This past weekend five Tau Beta Pi District Conferences took place across the country. Summaries of District Conferences and accompanying alumni gatherings will be included in upcoming issues of THE BENT and The Bulletin. They were:

District 4 (Greensboro, North Carolina; hosted by NC Epsilon at North Carolina A&T)
District 7 (Ann Arbor, Michigan; hosted by MI Gamma at the University of Michigan)
District 8 (Chicago, Illinois; hosted by IL Zeta at the University of Illinois Chicago)
District 11 (Minneapolis, Minnesota; hosted by MN Alpha at the University of Minnesota)
District 15 (San Jose, California; hosted by CA Eta at San Jose State University)


The California Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at the University of California, Berkeley, is in the midst of another season of Pioneers in Engineering (PiE). The competition for high school students recently completed the Kickoff, Game Day, and Design Reviews. Next week the Scrimmage will take place in preparation for the Final Competition on April 27-28. Visit the PiE website for all the details.

Also, Learn how you can help to support the PiE program by voting for them in the upcoming Zipcar Grand Prize Competition.



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