Engineering Leaders: Present & Past

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is reporting that Purdue University Distinguished Professor Dr. Sangtae Kim, CA B ’79, has received the 2013 Ho-Am Prize in Engineering. The award is the highest honor from South Korea for research accomplishments in science, engineering, technology, and math fields.

Dr. Kim was cited for his achievements as “a global leader in microfuidics research and development. He is developing new mathematical models for pharmaceutical informations and has contributed to the development of the fluidic self-assembly processes which has enabled ultra low-cost manufacturing of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.” Read the news article


Dr. Simon Ben-Avi, NY I ’74, has been appointed as the founding dean of Hofstra University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. Previously, Dr. Ben-Avi was Acting Dean of Engineering & Associate Dean of Engineering at The Cooper Union School of Engineering. He joined Tau Beta Pi in 1994 as an eminent engineer while at Cooper Union. Click here for more biographical information and to learn about Hofstra Engineering


Tau Beta Pi would like to recognize Paul E. Queneau, Ph.D., who passed away at the age of 101. Dr. Queneau, NY A ’33, earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Columbia University, was a World War II veteran, and held 36 U.S. patents in metallurgical and chemical engineering. He also explored, mapped, and photographed the Perry River region of the Arctic in extreme northern Ontario in 1949. Read the full obituary

Dr. Queneau has been added to Tau Beta Pi’s distinguished members list as a centenarian. Please visit the website home of Tau Beta Pi’s distinguished members



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