In the News, Pt. II, March 2013

Richard L. Revesz, NJ D ’79, was recently profiled for his move from dean of New York University Law School to Director of the newly created Marron Institute on Cities and the Urban Environment at NYU. Read the article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Mr. Revesz specializes in environmental law and regulation and has taught at NYU since 1985 and led it since 2002. He feels a sense of urgency in studying urban centers and the environment. “If it’s done right, it will make an enormous difference in terms of making our lives more livable, more sustainable, and more equitable,” Revesz said. He even deferred his Yale Law School acceptance to earn a master’s degree in environmental engineering at MIT.


This past weekend the Nevada Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at the University of Nevada Las Vegas hosted a Tau Beta Pi Engineering Futures (EF) session for members and Spring initiates. Special thanks to TBP District 16 Director Scott V. Eckersall, CA I ’96, for leading the EF session as a facilitator, visiting with the NV B chapter, and providing the image below.

Nevada Beta at UNLV
Members of NV Beta along with spring initiates together outside UNLV-TBE.


Forbes recently profiled a newly discovered protein that has the potential to revolutionize biotechnology. The protein, Cas9, offers “a way to more accurately cut a piece of DNA.” The discovery began at Danesco when two scientists “were hoping to find a better way to make yogurt.” Click here to read more about Cas9



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