Innovators & Leaders in Engineering, March 2013

The first Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering winners have been announced. For “major contributions to the development of the Internet and the WWW,” Louis Pouzin, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee and Marc Andreesen will share the £1million prize. All five winners were cited for playing a significant part in the development of the Internet.

Dr. Robert E. Kahn, NY H ’60, is an engineer and computer scientist who along with Cerf invented the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP). These protocols/standards “make up the fundamental structure of the Internet.” Kahn is currently Chariman, CEO and President of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI).


The Tau Beta Pi Michigan Gamma Chapter at the University of Michigan is sponsoring the MLK Luncheon Series event, Diversity at Michigan: Past, Present and Future. On Wednesday, March 20, two featured speakers will address the MLK Luncheon Series:

Dr. James J. Duderstadt – (CT A ’64) U-M President Emeritus and Professor of Science & Engineering and Director of the Millennium Project.

Dr. Alec D. Gallimore – (NY G ’86) U-M Arthur F. Thurman Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education


Earlier this month the Michigan Technological University hosted the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. Seventeen universities participated in this year’s competition. The overall winning team was from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Second and third place went to Kettering University and the University of Idaho, respectively.

The team from Clarkson University “achieved 20.2 mpg on the program’s Endurance Run event, running on E66 (66 percent ethanol blended with gasoline),” thus earning the Gage Products Award. Gage Products has been a sponsor of the Snowmobile Challenge for 11 consecutive years. Read more here



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