Innovation, Opportunity, & Cyber-Security

In response to a recent Twitter feed from Google asking for public suggestions and testers for its Google Glass “explorer” program, one engineer had the idea to use Google Glass applications “to allow physically disabled individuals to control their wheelchairs using only their eyes.” The idea was submitted by Steve McHugh, MA A 2008, a software engineering working for Wayfair.

McHugh remembered a senior capstone project done by one of his classmates at Tufts University. A fellow graduate student team “built an eye-tracking software and an eye-tracking apparatus.” McHugh sees the opportunity for Google Glass to make this project doable and even better than the original concept. Read the Q&A with McHugh for his plans on bringing this project to the market and how “potentially life-changing the benefits of supplemental control interfaces” can be for disabled individuals.


Teach For America (TFA) would like to announce a business intelligence summer internship opportunity in New York City. The Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) Intern supports the EBI team by working on projects that will push TFA towards a better shared source of data which can be used to drive organizational decision-making. This position springs from the critical role that technology can play in enabling our increasingly large organization to make better, faster decisions using the wealth of data and information gathered by our various data systems.

The intern’s work will involve working with a core project team on the business side; collaborating with our approach with key stakeholders; working closely with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across the organization to support defining business requirements; and working effectively with other parts of our technology team, including other business analysts, and EBI experts to help the EBI team drive towards solutions. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit your resume and one-page cover letter with your application. Find the job listing here


The Los Angeles Times reported this week on a closed-door meeting at the White House hosted by President Obama with several corporate CEOs to “seek their support for stalled cyber-security legislation.” The timing of the meeting is on the heels of a Senate hearing where “the nation’s top intelligence officials warned that cyber attacks and digital spying have eclipsed terrorism as the top threat to national security.” Read the article

One of the executives that participated in the meeting was Nicholas Akins, LA G ’82, current President and CEO of American Electric Power. Akins received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Louisiana Tech and he is a registered professional engineer in Texas.



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