Important Association News

Happy Valentine’s Day! Tau Beta Pi has updated its online presence. Please visit us online and see our website redesign.

We appreciate your feedback. If you encounter a broken link or cannot find something, let us know. As we complete the migration, the old URLs will still be live for a short while. Update your bookmarks soon.

Thanks to all those Tau Bates that have worked at Convention on the new website. Lastly, a special thanks to the California Alpha Chapter at the University of California, Berkeley, for their efforts in designing the website style sheet.


Tau Beta Pi would like to congratulate the 18 Tau Bates that were elected as new members of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). This month, the NAE elected a total of 69 new members and 11 foreign associates. See the full list.

The list of newly elected NAE Tau Bates will be available on the website soon and summaries will be available in the Spring 2013 issue of THE BENT.


A final reminder that tomorrow (Friday, February 15) is the Teach For America (TFA) FINAL application deadline for the 2013 corps. TFA is a partner of Tau Beta Pi and supports our K-12 MindSET program and our annual Convention.

Check out our TBP/TFA web page and read a letter from a Tau Bate that joined the TFA corps in our February issue of The Bulletin.



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