Events & Deadlines, February 2013

Here is an updated list of upcoming Tau Beta Pi alumni gatherings:

Philadelphia, PA – March 1, 2013
Lubbock, TX – March 2, 2013
Ewing, NJ – March 2, 2013
Savannah, GA – March 2, 2013
Portland, OR – March 2, 2013
Norman, OK – March 9, 2013

These events are an opportunity for TBP alumni to network, socialize, and discuss forming alumni chapters. Several events are held in conjunction with TBP District Conferences so that student members may attend as well. Please visit our Association’s alumni web page for details on all upcoming events. You can also contact Tau Beta Pi if you are interested in putting together an alumni event.


This is a reminder about the February 15, 2013, application deadline to join the Teach For America (TFA) corps. Tau Beta Pi and TFA are partners working to improve the K-12 STEM education opportunities in the United States. Click here to apply. You can also visit the TFA Facebook page with the new slogan “Today’s math whiz: tomorrow’s engineer.”


Engineers Week (EWeek) starts February 17, and to kick things off NASA and The Engineers’ Council, San Fernando Valley, California, bring you an EWeek greeting from space. Watch the E-Week greeting video of Col. Kevin A. Ford, (IN G ’82) Commander aboard the ISS.

NASA Astronuat Kevin A. Ford
NASA Astronuat Kevin A. Ford floats in the ISS cabin.



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