In Memory Of

Former Raytheon Company president Dyer B. Holmes, NY D ’43, passed away this month at the age of 91. Holmes was also a leader at NASA during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. In a 1962 Time Magazine story he was quoted, “When a great nation is faced with a technological challenge, it has to accept or go backward. Space is the future of man, and the U.S. must keep ahead in space.” Read the obituary from The Washington Post


Thomas P. Dixon, CA D ’50, died in 2012; he was 90. He spent 34 years working in the aerospace division at ITT. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in electrical engineering, he worked for three years in Hollywood at Technicolor. In 1959, Dixon received a Motion Picture Academy Award for technical achievement “for the design and development of the Technicolor Electronic Printing Timer.” Read the obituary


In December at the age of 86, former senior General Motors executive Charles S. Chapman, MI E ’50, passed away. He graduated from Wayne State with a degree in industrial engineering and a masters in automotive engineering from the Chrysler Institute of Engineering. Click here to read the obituary

In 1956 he joined the Buick motor division of General Motors, working in the design and development of automatic transmissions. During his time as an engineer at Buick, he earned eight patents related to transmissions and braking systems and eventually became an assistant chief engineer. Next, Chapman spent eight years as chief engineer of General Motors’ Opel division in Frankfurt, West Germany. In 1976 he moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he served as managing director of General Motors Holden until his retirement, in 1988, as vice-president of General Motors, in charge of Australia, New Zealand and south-east Asia.



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