Engineering FYI

MIT News recently profiled a new field called interfacial engineering, which “combines the study of mechanical forces, physical texture and materials chemistry to generate novel solutions to a host of problems.” Head of MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Mary C. Boyce (VA B ’81), says “to be a mechanical engineer today is to work at the boundaries of many different domains.”

The rest of the article discusses how engineering students are being drawn to mechanical engineering because of the diversity of options for curriculum and research.


Tau Beta Pi has released the business summary from the 2012 Convention in Lexington, Kentucky. In addition, you can find the 2012 Convention minutes now posted on the website. Check out the Convention home page for more information from the Convention, including the group photo taken on the original hardwood floor of Rupp Arena and the press release that will be available soon.


The Offshore Technology Conference will be hosted in Houston, TX, from May 6-9, 2013. The Houston Chronicle previewed the emerging technologies related to the fields of petroleum and chemical engineering that will be on display.

According to the article, “nanoscience and nanotechnology offer important new tools to work toward a sustainable environment with environmental remediation, energy production and environmental security.” Find out the other areas that companies are looking to research and improve in the process of bringing energy to consumers.



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