Engineering Jobs & Initiatives

A recent article from Defense News, highlights the struggle for smaller companies to fill needs for talented positions in engineering and software development. Rick P. McNeight, WI G ’73, is president of Modus Operandi, a 60-person company in Florida that “has gone from working with one recruiter to four since January in a bid to fill roughly ten openings as the company’s work with intelligence data has grown.”

The economy appears to be as much of a factor as a shortage of skilled workers. “A lot of people who are Java experts are consultants. They’re making a lot of money as consultants and they don’t want to go work for a company,” McNeight said.


Wright State University announced this week plans for an Aerospace Professional Development Center “to educate and attract skilled workers into the ranks of the aerospace industry” in Ohio. Currently, there are high unemployment rates in Ohio, but an estimated 10,000 unfilled job’s in the state’s aerospace industry.

Read the full article for information on the Center, which plans to open soon


Retired Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine, NJ D ’57, spoke this week at the Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing Summit in Fort Worth, TX. He focused on the need for reforms in the U.S. education system to boost the teaching of STEM disciplines. Click here to read more

“Technological innovation is likely to be the driver of the future of the American economy,” Augustine said. The only way (the) U.S. industry can compete with foreign competitors that have low-cost labor is to compete on knowledge-based resources.”



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