Making News On Campus, September 2012

A team led by Dr. Richard J. Malak Jr., NY O ’98, was one of two engineering teams from Texas A&M University to be awarded funding through the NSF Emerging Frontiers Research and Innovation program. According to the article, “Malak’s team’s research falls under ODISSEI and, inspired by origami, focuses on how to make two-dimensional structures three-dimensional.”

“You can program (sheets of metal) to fold into a desired shape, unfold back into a flat sheet, and then fold into some other shape,” Dr. Malak said. “Thus, this research could enable us to design things that in some ways resemble Transformers — things that can change their physical structure to better suit their needs.”


An electrical engineering student at the University of Southern California has received the Astronaut Scholarship, the largest monetary award given in the United States to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) undergraduate college students based solely on merit. She is the sixth winner announced so far this year. Read the news release

Click here for the full travel schedule of the check presentations of the 2012 Astronaut Scholars.


Last week a 9/11 dedication ceremony took place on the campus of Rowan University where a civil engineering junior designed a “50-by-70-foot monument in remembrance of the nearly 3,000 fallen victims and heroes who perished 11 years ago.” Read the full article for more details on the features of this new monument and its creator



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