Engineering in Sports & Education

The 2012 Paralympic Games are taking place in London from August 29 to September 9. Popular Science recently profiled “a new device developed for the Paralympics (that) gives physical feedback… to help athletes emulate the movements of star athletes.”

Called Ghost, the vibrating arm band “detects a user’s arm motion and buzzes to give feedback.” Read the article for more details on the current prototype, which is a finalist for a Dyson Award.


Steven P. Briggs, Ph.D., wrote an opinion article for The San Diego Union-Tribune this week citing reasons for why engineering careers should be promoted as cool to young American children. Dr. Briggs is a distinguished professor at the University of California San Diego and chief scientist for the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering.

According to his article, not only do engineers and scientists make a profound difference in our lives, but there are also more wealthy engineers and scientists than sports figures and movie stars.


The Associated Press is reporting on the U.S. Open tennis tournament’s use of a new device that can gauge the net cord tension of tennis nets. The device was developed and patented by an engineer from Knoxville, TN. David Glass “developed a gauge to adjust the tension in the cables of an airplane when he realized the claims on his patent were broad enough to cover sports net tension as well.”

This is the first year that the U.S. Open is using the device on all its tennis courts. Read more about this invention and its growing popularity on the pro tennis tour.



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