Volunteer Appointments & Building Dedication

The Tau Beta Pi Executive Council has approved the appointment of Christopher F. Benson, UT A ’08, as a District 12 Director of Tau Beta Pi. Benson is an electrical engineer at the ETC Group.

He has been an advisor to the Utah Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi since 2009. He served as chapter president of UT Alpha, at the University of Utah, his senior year. He will be the District Director for the UT A, UT B, UT G, ID B, and ID G chapters of Tau Beta Pi.


The Exponent, Purdue University’s campus newspaper, reported this week that the new civil engineering building will be named for alumnus Dr. Delon Hampton, P.E. (DC A ’54), and his mother, Elizabeth Hampton. “The naming of the Delon and Elizabeth Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering is subject to approval on Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting.”

Dr. Hampton received his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Purdue university in civil engineering. He is the founder of Delon Hampton & Associates. He has served as chairman of the board and CEO. Read the article for more information on the new engineering building and Dr. Hampton’s support of Purdue.


Two Tau Beta Pi alumni members have been appointed as volunteer facilitators for the Engineering Futures program. James P. Sandman, TX Z 2011, is now a District 8 Facilitator, and Ryan C. Morrison, UT A 2010, is now a District 1 Facilitator.

Sandman works for BMW Constructors, Inc., in greater Chicago, IL. Morrison is a process engineer at Allegheny Ludlum in Massachusetts. We welcome these new Tau Beta Pi volunteers and appreciate their commitment and dedication.



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