Engineering News, June 2012

STEMconnector, an organization “working in STEM Education and workforce development for increased connectivity between entities improving our STEM-skilled workforce” has announced 100 Women Leaders in STEM. See the full list of honorees

Congratulations to Melissa Gregson from Teach For America for being named one of the 100-Women-Leaders in STEM. Gregson attends Tau Beta Pi Conventions as a recruiter and speaker. She has also been supportive of the TBP MindSET program.


The local NBC channel (15) in Mobile, AL, reported on “plans for a new Airbus assembly plant in Mobile (that) will mean plenty of new jobs, and a need for highly skilled workers.” Click here to for the news story

Dean of Engineering at the University of South Alabama, Dr. John W. Steadman (WY A ’64), said that “we are absolutely thrilled to hear that Airbus is going to be building jets in Mobile.” Gregory Hickman, AL E 2011, a graduate student at South Alabama is also excited about the news as he has already worked for Airbus in Mobile and at a plant in Germany.


CNET recently highlighted a newly published report in the journal Nature regarding “a paintable battery.” A team of researchers from Rice University collaborated with other researchers, engineers, and scientists, in developing “paint layers, each representing a necessary component of a conventional battery.”

Read the article for more details and learn how the painted battery performed on different surfaces such as stainless steel and flexible polymers.


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