Engineering Leaders, June 2012

ON.Lab, the open source arm of the Open Networking Research Center (ONRC), has announced that William R. Snow, NY D ’82, has joined ONRC as vice president of engineering. Snow has engineering experience at start-ups, with Nortel Networks, IBM, and others.

The ON.Lab “is a new non-profit networking lab that is responsible for open source SDN tools and platforms.” Read the press release for information on Snow and the ON.Lab

Τ recently profiled a group of University of Michigan engineering students “using a lawnmower engine to try to prove that a car can get 3,300 miles to the gallon.” The team of graduate and undergraduate students will compete in the 2012 SAE International Supermileage Challenge, a competition that takes place June 7-8 at the Eaton Corp. Marshall Proving Grounds in Marshall, MI.

In the article, the UM-student chief engineer of the project said, “Our goal is to set the North American fuel efficiency record. There’s still work to be done by next week but we’re close.”


James B. Flaws, (MA D ’71) Corning CFO, recently discussed the release of a new “flexible ultra-thin glass, which can be wrapped around a device or structure.” “We’re hopeful that by 2013, it’ll be available in consumer products,” said Flaws. “There’s a revolution coming in new types of displays — displays will be more conformable.”

Currently, Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. use Corning Inc. made glass in their devices. Click here to read the announcement from Bloomberg



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