Engineering FYI, Part II, May 2012

The East Bay Rhode Island news reported on LaSalle Academy’s Ann Kaiser, NY A ’79, who has been awarded a Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching grant to conduct research in Singapore. Ms. Kaiser received her engineering degree from Columbia University and worked in the metals industry until she became a teacher 13 years ago.

Ms. Kaiser now teaches advanced placement Physics and Engineering at the secondary school level. She will be in Singapore for five months beginning in January 2013, “observing firsthand how educators in Singapore encourage an interest in science and engineering in young people.” Read the article


Lance E. Rosenzweig, (IL G ’84) founder and CEO of 24/7 Card, has been appointed to the board of directors of Quality Systems, Inc. (CA). Rosenzweig previously founded and served as chairman of the board of PeopleSupport, Inc. Click here to read the press release


This week MIT announced a research initiative aimed at Big Data, “sets of information that are so complex and fast-growing that they defy traditional methods of analysis.” The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on this effort by MIT to create the Intel Science and Technology Center for Big Data.

According to the article, “examples are the data involved in online financial transactions of major banks or collected by social networks.” Associate engineering professor at MIT, Sam Madden, is leading the Big Data initiative. The Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, was on hand at MIT this week to unveil and support the project.



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