Profiles in Engineering, May 2012

The New York Times profiled Katherine M. Bovee, OH G 2011, and her educational path that led her to compete in the EcoCAR competition and work towards a master’s degree in engineering. Bovee is a team member of the Ohio State University’s EcoCAR2 program where she works “on the systems that distribute energy from the vehicle’s battery.”

According to the article, university engineering programs across the country are focusing on educating students in hybrid and electrical vehicles. Bovee recently received a research fellowship from the National Science Foundation to study the control systems in hybrids (vehicles).


The relocation of Goliath, a roller coaster that can generate a force equivalent to 4.3 G’s, from California to New England was a modern day engineering feat. The project was managed by Larry J. Chickola, P.E. (MI G ’86) chief operating engineer at Six Flags, whose job is to oversee more than 700 rides at 19 nationwide parks.

Chickola, previously worked at Hughes Aircraft and Lockheed Martin said, “I love the physics of roller coasters. I love the way we can mimic the sensation of flight.” In three months, Goliath made the 2,900-mile trip on 75 long-bed tractor trailers, has been reconstructed, and subjected to rigorous testing. Read the article for more information on the roller coaster and engineering behind its reconstruction


At the seventh annual Maker Faire this past weekend, students from the UC Santa Cruz Baskin School of Engineering hosted a booth displaying robots and trying to get local K-12 students interested in math and science. The Maker Faire is an annual gathering created by Make magazine “that promotes experts and novices in creating everything from robots to jewelry.”

Ariel S. Anders, CA AD 2012, was one of the UC Santa Cruz students volunteering at the booth. She is a senior studying computer engineering and detailed the benefits of participating in the Maker Faire, “I think the outreach aspect is important,” Anders said. “It’s nice that we could get the word out about our school and engineering program. I don’t think a lot of people knew about mechatronics or even our computer department.” Click here to read the article



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