Engineering Stories, May 2012

Students from Michigan Technological University recently made a presentation to 500 sixth graders from Burton Middle School (Grand Rapids, MI) about engineering education and careers. Uziel Mendez, MI B 2013, was one of the six Michigan Tech students from the local chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Mendez also participated in the Tau Beta Pi Michigan Beta Chapter’s Family Engineering Workshop held during the spring semester. Read the article


Tom W. Hardy, MS A 1939, returned to the Mississippi State University campus last week to speak with members of the Mississippi Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. A picture of Hardy with the concrete BENT monument that he helped pour in the late 1930s is posted on the MSU website.

Tom Hardy with BENT monument

The image’s caption correctly states that “few universities use a concrete BENT in that style” and that the BENT trestle bears the load of a bridge and signifies the Association’s principle of integrity and excellence in engineering.


A guest blog post in The Washington Post, from Stephanie Hill, president of Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Solutions-Civil division, discusses her path to becoming an engineer and the national need for more female engineers.

Click here to read Hill’s post, which references recent data on why fewer young women pursue engineering careers, the lack of retention of students planning on majoring in engineering, and what can be done to change these trends.



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