Innovation & Recognition, May 2012

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently profiled the research of Dr. Sen-Ching Cheung, WA A ’92, using digital-imaging to improve the therapeutic self-modeling videos for autistic children. Dr. Cheung is an associate professor of engineering at the University of Kentucky who has a five-year-old son with autism. Click here for the article

He is leading a team and “seeking a grant from the National Science Foundation to bring his idea to life of using his digital-manipulation skills to create a way of easily importing images of any individual child into videos that would then show that child accomplishing particular tasks.”


This week the National Academy of Sciences “announced the election of 84 new members and 21 foreign associations in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievement in original research.” See the full list of new members here


A recent demonstration at the University of Alabama, provided a glimpse of Dr. Ajay K. Agrawal’s recent patent related to “a breakthrough sponge-like material” that can be used to reduce the noise of combustion engines. Dr. Agrawal, (FL B ’87) the Robert F. Barfield Endowed Chair and professor of mechanical engineering at UA, and his team demonstrated the new material by showing the dispersion and de-amplification of the deafening noise of a combustion engine like those on a standard aircraft. Read the article from the Tuscaloosa News



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