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The Tau Beta Pi Association would like to remind you of the April 1 deadline for three awards. The Laureate Program to recognize TBP student members that excel in areas outside of engineering; the National Outstanding Advisor Award which honors a TBP Chapter Advisor who demonstrates exemplary service to his/her chapter; and the McDonald Mentor Award that celebrates excellence in mentoring. All three of these prestigious awards will not except nominating submissions after April 1.

Visit Tau Beta Pi’s website for more information


Michigan Technological University is partnering with the Jaipur Limb Training Centre to bring “the celebrated Jaipur Foot” to the USA. According to the article from The Hindu, the Jaipur Foot is “considered to be among the world’s cheapest and most user-friendly artificial limbs.”

A team of 14 mechanical engineers from Michigan Tech recently spent time at the Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital working on a standard prototype of the Jaipur Limb.


The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Nissan plans to “hire 150 more” engineers to the 1,000 workforce currently working at the Nissan technical center in Farmington Hills, MI. Read the article



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