Engineering Leaders: Student, Research & Professional

Three female engineering students from the University of Central Florida College of Engineering and Computer Science were recently named as the 2012 recipients of the Order of Pegasus, “the highest student award that can be attained at the UCF.” Read the news article

Two of the three are Tau Beta Pi student members. Kelly Cox, FL D 2013, is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. Amber Scheurer, FL D 2012, is an electrical engineering major and senior. The third recipient, Tatiana Viecco, is eligible to join Tau Beta Pi this semester.


The New York Times recently published a story with details on Amazon’s acquisition of Kiva Systems. Kiva is a robot maker of “orange robots designed to move around warehouses and stock shelves.”

In the article, two research engineers from the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) comment that robots of this kind “are being designed to work alongside people, not replace them, in the work force.” Michael Kutzer, DE A ’05 is one of the robotics research engineers from APL interviewed for the article.


McDonald’s has announced that COO Don Thompson will become the CEO later this year replacing the retiring Jim Skinner. Thompson began working at McDonald’s in 1990 as an electrical engineer and before that he worked at Northrop Grumman. Thompson received his undergraduate degree at Purdue University in electrical engineering. Click here to learn more from the Business Insider



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