Engineering Design, Innovation & Education

A unique program at Penn State University, the Learning Factory, “allows student teams to partner with companies and sponsors, bringing real-world problems to the classroom.” Recently, six engineering students worked together on designing an on-farm anaerobic digester for small-scale farming.

Learn more about the Learning Factory College of Engineering Program and the digester here


The Herald Journal (UT) profiled one of several projects at Utah State University being funded by a NSF grant as part of the Engineering Design to Aid Persons (EDAAP) program.

An engineering student at USU built a “mechanical creeper” that will allow a local disabled man “to go from an upright position to lying 2.5 inches off the ground so he can lay flat under a car” and change his oil. The creeper is one of several proposed technologies being developed through the grant “to aid the progressive disabilities many baby boomers are developing.” Click here to read the article


Engineering consultant, David D. Walden (IN D ’83), is also an instructor at the Applied Technology Institute (API). In May, Walden will be leading a three-day course on using systems engineering for Commercial-off-the-Shelf content.

According to the news announcement from API, he “is an internationally recognized expert in the field of systems engineering, has worked at McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamic and started his own consultancy in 2006.



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