Development, Motivation, & Investigation

An assistant engineering professor at Stanford University, recently “demonstrated a tiny, wirelessly powered, self-propelled medical device capable of controlled motion through a fluid (blood)” at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

Dr. Ada Poon “is developing a new class of medical devices that can be implanted or injected into the human body and powered wirelessly using electromagnetic radio waves.” Two Stanford doctoral candidates have contributed to her research, Daniel Pivonka, CA W ’07, and Anatoly Yakovlev, CA N ’06. Read the full press release for more information on the potential benefits of this technology.


Dr. Thomas Landers, P.E. (TX B ’72), wrote an article for The Oklahoman about motivating K-12 students to STEM education. He offered a personal challenge to “all Oklahomans to expand the STEM reach beyond those with an early desire to be an engineer or those with a scientific role model in their early years.”

In the article, Dr. Landers, dean of the University of Oklahoma College of Engineering, highlighted programs and activities related to STEM education and promoting National Engineers Week.


Barry Drogin, NY I ’83, publishes “an online newspaper, The Alumni Pioneer, devoted to investigative journalism about the Cooper Union financial crisis.” This week he wrote an article for The Villager updating the current progress of keeping Cooper colleges tuition-free.

Drogin is also a director at SUPERSTRUCTURES: Engineers + Architects. He was the first Cooper Union student to be named a TBP Laureate (1985) for diverse achievements in music and journalism. Click here to read his article



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