This is the TAU BETA PI at Headquarters blog.

The intentions of this blog are to communicate important information from Tau Beta Pi Headquarters to Tau Bates. Strengthening the connection of Tau Beta Pi members with Headquarters will further the vision of Tau Beta Pi to be “universally recognized as the premier honor society.”



3 Responses to “About”

  1. Alan Hirsch Says:

    Russell Werneth ’64 appears in the Nova Hubble Space Telescope Rescue Mission broadcast on PBS locally in Colorado on Oct 13, 2009.

    Russ appears in the Mission Control room on three occasions on screen. First as an extra at :22:08-:15 of the episode. Secondly, peripherally walking away at :47:10-:13. And finally featured at a terminal at :47:26-:31 gesturing, smiling, and pointing to information on the screen.

    Just thought you would want to know!

    Alan Hirsch ’66

  2. Kenneth Lloyd Martin Says:

    Thanks for the info. Alan, we miss seeing you here at Convention.

  3. Paul G. Newton Says:

    I have noticed that my picture has been getting allot of click throughs from flickr from this blog.. You can use it Free as long as you credit Paul G Newton – Arkansas. 🙂 http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulgnewton/6063964251/ Thanks! Paul G Newton!

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